Is anyone listening??? Here’s a question..

Hello Friends,

Ya know I get about 4000 hits a month on my blog and web sites and yet no one seems to want to reply, ask a question or leave a comment.. Why is that? I try very hard to answer all my emails of comments posted here and it seems its to no avail. So as part of the release of my my new book Equiknowlogy 101… I have came up with another design for a T shirt for some of the graduates. So below is a pic of what it could look like and I’m asking my friends and readers to send in your comments on what you think and would you want one if I had them made.. Don’t be afraid of hurting my feelings and give me some touchy feely answer. I really want to know what you think..  Standing by for your comments! Smoke

I graduated from Buck Off U !!

About Smokie

Smokie Brannaman grew up on a 5000-acre horse and cattle ranch in Southwestern Montana. Working with horses, cattle and rodeoing as a professional trick roper was his way of life as a youngster. Upon graduating from high school, Smokie chose to serve his country in the United State Coast Guard. Although his military duties did not always allow much time to spend with his horses, he never the less, rode and trained horses of his own and others throughout his military career. Smokie retired in 2000 from the Coast Guard and worked as a Corporate Operations Manager for a security company. But he soon realized that his true enjoyment came from being around horses, training, riding and helping others with their horses. After working for 2 years as a stable manager for a large boarding stable, Smokie hired on at Ots Sunrise Farm to work with the young horses halter breaking, ground work and starting horses under saddle to progress to more advanced training. Smokie started his own business, Horseman’s Services Limited, llc in 2006 and now works full time as an educator of the horse and rider. Smokie utilizes the training methods of his brother Buck Brannaman, Jeff Griffith, and others, as well as his own techniques learned during a lifetime of working with horses. Smokie is a published author of two books about horses and their riders, Whisper This… Not to your horse, to yourself, and his newest book Equiknowlogy 101… and numerous horse training DVDs. Smokie lives in Greenleaf Wisconsin with his sweetie Vickie, and has three grown children, Kat, Travis and Jason. He raises and trains registered quarter horses of his own, which he uses as, Cavalry horses for his hobby, Civil War reenacting, and performing in Wild West Shows throughout the Midwest.
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