The reviews are coming in onEquiknowlogy 101…

Hello Folks,

Well my first review came in while I was in Montana so I thought I’d let ya take a look. For those of you that have a copy please let me know what you think of my latest bit of drivel! I invite you all to send me your comments here at news from the round pen. Just hit the comments button on this note. I hope you’re having a great summer and we will see you at the round pen! Smoke



Genre: Sturdy Guide/Nature

Title: Equiknowlogy 101


Author: Smokie Brannaman

A sometimes funny, sometimes irreverent Q&A book about training horses by learning what the animal has to teach the trainer. While there is no ‘one fits all’ method of training a horse, if the trainer approaches with an open mind and sensitivity toward animals, in this case horses, the horse can teach the trainer how the horse wishes training from the trainer.

When working with something as large and heavy as a horse, it might be a good thing to listen what to what the horse is willing to teach the trainer about the proper method for building a bond between horse and trainer. The tack used and method of training for a particular horse will need to be worked out between animal and human for there to be the proper level of trust built between the two. For training to commence and have a good outcome for both and so that riders will have a good horse for their riding pleasure.

While some of what is in the book may seem to be common sense, it is the horse’s common sense that trainers need to worry about, connect to, and let the horse tell the trainer what works best for each individual trainer.

This reviewer found Equiknowlogy 101 to be a fun and informative read. If the reader is looking for how to train their horse or looking for a trainer, Equiknowlogy 101 will give you some basic information on how to train, or what to look for. When training a horse, the trainer will learn many things from a horse, one being patience. If the person training does not have patience when they begin, they will by the time the horse if trained.

Equiknowlogy 101 is a recommended 4 out of 5 stars read for anyone thinking of acquiring a horse or becoming a horse trainer because they love being around horses and love riding horses.

Reviewer: Bob Medak, Allbooks Review

Available from publisher:,

Title: Equiknowlogy 101

Author: Smokie Brannaman

Publisher: Horseman’s Services Limited

 ISBN: 978-0-9791446-3-9
Pages: 150
Price: $16.95

July, 2010


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A speical offer for my friends!!!

Hello All,

I told you that I was going to make a special offer to my friends as part of the release of my new book Equiknowlogy 101… so here ya go! For a very limited time you can get your  study material for your PHD and FHD at half price! Be one step ahead of your class by taking me up on this great offer! If you go to my web site and purchase my Horse buying guide DVD, “You Can’t Ride Pretty” I will send you the text book Whisper This… FREE! I  know you want to be at the head of your class when Equiknowlogy 101… comes out so don’t get left behind by not getting the study material for your first two degrees now! Supplies are limited for this offer so don’t wait… It won’t last long. I hope your having a great summer and it’s back to the round pen for me!

Oh one more thing… I have put up a new business page on face book. You can get to it through my regular page.. On there is a short video clip from my just released DVD “Colt Starting 101… Raw and Uncut” check it out!

Regards, Smokie

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News from the Round Pen…

Hello Friends,

I just wanted to let you know that I have put up a new face book page under Horseman’s Services Limited, llc. This is my Business page and has some great stuff that might be of interest to you.. First off I have posted a short segment of the Colt Starting 101… DVD series so you can get and idea of what you will see on theses videos. Go check it out. And my new book Equiknowlogy 101… will most likely be released next month! Stay tuned! Also as part of the release of these new products I am going to make a special offer to my friends on some of my other dvds and books! Look for this in the next few days on the face book page and on here.. This will be a very limited offer to my friends on a first come first served basis so don’t be left out!  That’s about it for now so be safe, best wishes and “Just Ride”! Smoke

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Colt Starting 101… A new DVD series is available now!!!

Howdy Friends,

My new 6 disc DVD series Colt Starting 101… Raw and Uncut is now available for sale! In this series we filmed the starting under saddle of Yukon the 5 yer old Mustang from day one thru day 12 and his first ride out side. As I have said in my earlier posts this video series will give you more training information on starting colts or working with any horse for that matter, than any and all single training videos combined! And at cost of just under 8 bucks per DVD $39.95,  how can you go wrong? Take a look at the boxed sets of training videos from the big guys.. You will be paying 100s of dollars for the same education that I will teach you  in this series. More info on this great new DVD series will be up on the web site shortly with a pay pal purchase option and at Amazon to.

UPDATE!!!! Colt Starting 101… can be purchased now at!

I’m telling you, I don’t think you will be disappointed with this video. But if you are… Well you can always go pay 500 bucks to out back jack and see if you learn any more from his! Don’t wait get yours today!

Regards and “Just Ride”!



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Update from the Whisper This… College of Equiknowlogy

Hello Friends,

Please check out my companion website I just put up at:  I will be adding to it from time to time as well but for now it is my first attempt at making one. It might become the home for the Whisper This… College of Equiknowlogy, we shall see!

Well our new book Equiknowlogy 101… is at the printers going through the final reviews before printing! I am really charged up about this new book and I hope that you all will enjoy it! Look for it on my site hopefully next month.

Also I should have the colt starting video series on the site in short  order as well. I will tell you that this DVD series is a boxed set of 6 DVDs taking you from day one on Yukon’s starting, on through his first ride outside on day 12 showing you everything we did together from round pen work, to ground work, saddling, the first ride and more! I looked at other videos from the other noted trainers and clinicians and I think you will appreciate this one as much or more.. Not only because it shows you the hows and whys of starting a colt, or working with other horses, but for what is not in it.. Music, special effects, and perfect movie quality.. Because this is how it’s like in the real world of training not how it’s like in the studio. Not only that, those famous folks have lots of bucks wrapped up in those fancy covers, editing and production, so their price reflects that. The ones I looked at range from $150.00 to well over $800.00 for multiple DVDs. With this one I will give you the same education without the special effects for less than a hundred bucks! WAY LESS! Sound good to you? Drop my a line if you want to be one of the first ones to get this set.. Right now it looks like I will be making these one at a time to hold my cost down and the cost to you. So if you want one get on the list or you might have to wait awhile!

Check it out at..

That’s it for now friends so Best wishes to you and “Just Ride”!


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Spring round up! News from the round pen…

Howdy all,
Well it looks like spring is finally here and things are getting busy.. I just wanted to drop you a quick note on whats coming up in the next few months.. Next month on the 1st of May I will be at the Silver Spur tack shop in Plymouth WI doing a round pen and ground work demo so drop by and say howdy.. There’s lots of great stuff on sale too!

And my new book Equiknowlogy 101… is being edited and should be ready to go to the printer soon! Look for it on my site in the next few months.. Also I have been working on a colt starting video series staring “Yukon” the mustang.. This video will be a raw and uncut video of what it took to start this colt from day one up to his first ride outside.. It shows each days lesson and how he progressed through the starting process over a two week period.. This video will not be a Hollywood production complete with music and choreography! But it will show the true life realities of starting a horse, how it was done and what you could expect if you try it yourself.. Complete with chickens running through the round pen, dogs barking, birds flying around the arena, gates clanking and all the rest of the things you and your colt will deal with when your working with him..I will have a copy of the working vids at Plymouth if you care to come down and see what ya think..

And now that spring is almost here I know some of you will be looking for that new horse.. Before you do might I suggest taking a look at “You Can’t Ride Pretty” A complete horse buyers guide.. A 2 DVD set giving you all the info you will need to find that perfect equine partner! I have also lowered the price to just $25.00 for this very beneficial educational tool. So don’t wait get it before you spend a ton of bucks on the wrong horse..So that’s what coming up friends. I hope you are getting some saddle time on your horses and things on your spread are shaping up to be a good summer! Drop me a line and say hello and we will see ya down the trail!

Best regards and “Just Ride”!


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Some random words of thought..

hello friends,

Here’s something that might give you some pause for thought.. Please let me know what ya think.. I also want to let you know that the new round pen video is at the printer and should be back in a few weeks! Stay tuned…

Here ya goooo..

The keys to being a good horseman and trainer…


  Not long ago my apprentice ask me the question… “ What is the most important thing you can teach me to become a good trainer and horseman?”  It took some thought, sole searching, and recollection of the things I’ve learned over the years to give her an answer but here goes…


Through the years, I’ve come to realize that the keys to being good with horses does not lie entirely in the sums of acquired knowledge of training principals, or the tutelage received from the all knowing masters of horse training. The keys to obtaining the level of wisdom and to truly be one with the horse come from the deepest darkest parts of your sole and your experiences in life. It is how you see, interact, and judge, your self, your horse, and others, against the perceived realities of the world around you. And how you manage the turmoil within yourself.  This is how the horse will see you, respond, and work, (or not work) for you.


Horses are remarkable creatures in that they can look into the eyes of you, “The predator” and instantly know if they can trust you with their life. They will not prejudge or hold a grudge if they cannot.  They will willingly accept you as the leader if you have their respect and their confidence as the protector of the herd, their life, and their existence on this earth.


People that have not had or lived through a profound life changing or emotional experience and know the true meaning of what life is all about, cannot become true horsemen.  If you do not know, or haven’t seen your life for how truly simple it is, and cannot give a part yourself, or your knowledge, without judgment, for the betterment of the others in the heard, you cannot appreciate or comprehend what it takes to really know the horse.


I’ve talked with horseman and women that truly have a gift with horses. Virtually all are at peace with themselves and all creatures, including the rest of the bipeds.  All have witnessed and faced death, the miracle of life, and they know that it all can change in an instant. One bad kick, bad argument, bad war, relationship, or decision made for some self-serving mission or concept of reality.


The horse is one with his herd and his environment.  He will do his part to continue his existence and that of his species.  It’s a simple forgiving life.  The horse has no concept of human emotions.  He knows nothing about love, revenge, hate, time, responsibility, perfection, prejudice, or production.  He knows only two… The only two perfect unchanging concepts of emotion and human reality, living and dieing. These two concepts manifest themselves in the horse as “forgiveness and fear”.  Trainers or horse people that base their training on other human concepts will not succeed in training or horsemanship.  If they cannot accept and let go of their distrust, anger, jealousy, control, and preconceived ideas of life, love, sacrifice, time, and how we live life on this earth, they will never know or experience a true willing partnership with the horse or the humans in their lives.

Learn to forgive yourself, your horse, and others for their imperfections. Do not fear yesterday or tomorrow. Or get balled up over those things that you cannot change, were unsuccessful, needs more work, or simply forgotten.  Just be patient, and live for today, the best way you can. Be in harmony with yourself, your horse, and the others you share your life with. Have no regrets, and expect no more in return.


Trust the horse and the human to give the same of him as he sees in you and your lives will be better for it…


Then you will be on your way to becoming a horseman. At peace with yourself, your herd, and the world we live in… like your horse.


I’m not a true horseman yet but I work on it every day and I hope this helps you along the way.


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A letter from a friend…

Hello All,

Here is a letter I received from Steve DePriest in Colorado. It is interesting in the fact that it truly typifies why I wrote “Whisper This…” and my hope to help people become more educated and safer horse enthusieist.  Here ya go!

Dear Smokie,

You don’t know me but I feel like I know you. I’ve  just got finished with your book and enjoyed it VERY much. I’ve also read your brothers books and took some of his clinics over the years. I am the quiet fellow in Bucks’ book “Believe”, pages 11-12.

I  owe you many thanks for your book, especially pages 6-10. I got crushed by one of those colts who had the misfortune to have a dingbat mother and a rattlesnake daddy. I was foolish and believed that there was no such thing as a bad horse. Whoops! Thank you so much for explaining it to me in plain english. Thank you, Thank you, etc,etc,etc! I hope you have another book in you. I am waitiing for your next one with bated breath. Or worms on my tongue!

Thanks again,

Steve DePriest

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A letter from my new friend Michael Martin Murphy!!

Hello friends,
Here's a letter I recieved from my new friend Micheal Martin Murphy.
A great singer and fellow horseman. Love that song "Wildfire"
Regards, and "Just Ride" Smokie

I loved the book! It's so practical, and down-to-
earth; a real breath of fresh of air and dose of reality in the
midst of all the "new age" horse stuff that's going on. Some of that
stuff gets a little too weird for this cowboy!
My family ranch in Wisconsin, The Rocking 3M Ranch, is deeply
involved in equestrian activity of all kinds. We are breeders,
horse trainers, and  competitors- as well as the show business
activities that I do. We mainly show Paint and AQHA horses
though we do work with some pony  breeds and draft horses,
mostly in Working Cow Horse Events. Our oldest daughter,
Jessica, is studying to be a Large Animal Doctor at
UW- River Falls, and is the one who is most motivated about Paint
Horses. Our middle daughter, Sarah, spent all Summer working for Bill
Freeman in Texas, and has huge talent as cutting horse competitor.
She came within one point of the Superstakes Finals on her first
competitive ride! Sarah is also a very talented cowgirl poet. Morgan,
my youngest daughter, buys-trains- sells ponies( she does very well-
and is the most naturally talented rider in our family) and is
attracted to the farming side of agriculture, too. She is currently
working for, and being mentored by, an excellent dairy operator in
our area.

My wife, Karen is the real driving force behind the horse side of the
Rocking 3M Ranch. That's not to say that she doesn't do an awfully
lot of work with our Texas Longhorn Cattle and other critters on the
ranch- and she loves them all.

We'll be in touch soon, as soon as we hear from Mike. And regardless
of what happens with the event at Steven's Point, I'm hoping that we
can get to know each other as time goes on.

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A letter I thought you would like to read..

Greetings Friends,

Here is a letter I received from Mr. Billy Blackman a cowboy poet, author and farrier from Florida. I thought you might like to read it. Regards Smokie

Hey Smokie,

I finished up your book this morning around 5 am. I was up early to
 head up to the Florida-Alabama line to pick up a load of hay. Experts are
 saying, that because of the drought this summer, hay will be hard to
 find and harder to pay for by December. So I’m buying up ahead so our
 four horses will have something to chew on this winter.

I must say that your book should be a must-read for all who are
 thinking about buying a horse. You have hit the nail on the head, and on a few
 toes, I expect.

As a farrier, I keep about 400 horses trimmed, with a few coming and
 going all the time. Some of the new clients, and many of my established
 clients, would have saved themselves much grief, dents and money by
 following the advice in your book.

The farrier business is a little like some of your thoughts in your
 book: someone watches a video, or another farrier, and they decided they
 can do it too, decided without knowing the work involved, the dangers,
 the sore muscles and bruised toes.

I deal daily with horses of all breeds, disciplines, ages and
 dispositions. And yes, I’ve been kicked, bit, stomped and run over a few times.
 Thanks God no serious injuries. 

Back to your book....

As a writer I found your style quick and entertaining. Your information
 was on target and your timing was good.  I liked the length, too. And
 the ease of reading had me through it in three days, which is very fast
 for me.

And the message is one that needs to be preached from every sale barn
 in the country. The only problem is, how do you get this message out to
 folks while they are in the process of deciding to buy a horse and not
 after they have a mouth full of dirt or a hoof print on their back?
 That’s the big question.

We got into the horse business about 12 years ago when our little girl
 became interested. I had never been around horses before and didn’t
 know what to look for. We got lucky. Maverick, a mustang, 5-years old at
 the time, turned out to be the perfect horse for our child: well
 trained, soft eye, gentle...the list goes on.  He was also the patient horse I
 used to help me lean how to trim feet.  We have three other horses
 now: a Dash-For-Cash/Special Effort mare, a Hancock stallion and a grade
 filly.  All good horses.

I have had many professions in my 55 years: professional musician for
 15 years, newspaper editor for 18 years, award winning political (local)
 cartoonist, a worm counter, published writer, a logger, gospel bands
 driving people to the Lord and honky tonk bands driving people to drink,
 and other jobs sprinkled in (even once had a job digging to top off an
 occupied grave). A year ago I quit my air-conditioned, computer
 punching newspaper job and started my full-time adventure as a farrier. I
 have been trimming part-time for five years.

My sane friends ask my why? Most of them are non-horse people, so they
 don’t understand when I respond, “I’d rather be around horses than
 people,” or “I just got tired of the wanna be horses’ asses at the
 political meetings I covered as a reporter, and decided I’d rather be near some
 real horses’ asses.”

Anyway, I enjoyed your book, your message is one that needs to be heard
 and i will recommend it as required reading to anyone I meet who is
 thinking about buying a horse.

One other thing I found interesting in your book was when you talked
 about your wife going to a horsemanship clinic to help her overcome her
 fear of riding.  Well, believe it or not, I feel much safer being
 underneath a horse trimming his feet and on his back riding him.  I do ride
 Maverick some, but I, too, have this fear of riding. So, I will search
 out a horse clinic where maybe I can get some help with that fear as
 your wife did.

Let me know when you have another book out. I will buy it.  And if you
 ever come to North Florida, let me know.  I’ll do the same if I ever go
 up north (until I was 21, the fartherest point north I'd ever been was
 Dothan, Alabama, so I don't get up that way much...but you never can

Much success with your book and horse training


Billy Blackman
Havana, Florida

Thanks a bunch for the comments! Im glad you enjoyed it and good luck with your horses :) Smoke
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